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  • At LEMONADE, we celebrate the joy of fine food served fast. Our dishes stress simple preparations with big flavor, and are a perfect fit for today’s on-the-go lifestyle and perceptive palate. The menu at LEMONADE is as creative and diverse as California itself. Our Marketplace Vegetables, unique sandwiches, and slow-simmered braises taste as though every region in the State stirred a bit into the pot — and there is no better window into a culture than through its food. There’s an innate, relaxed, and open way people on the West Coast communicate, travel, and eat.

    PERK: Complimentary lemonade offered for every catering order over $100. First time guests receive complimentary dessert and complimentary Lemonade. Must mention Biocom.
    (1) gallon per every 20 guests. (1) Cookie platter per every 20 guests

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