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  • 4G Clinical
  • About 4G
    4G Clinical is a cutting-edge randomization and trial supply management (RTSM) company focused on bringing crucial medicines to those who need them, faster. RTSM systems are responsible for enabling critical functions of a clinical trial, from randomizing patients (who gets the active drug vs. the placebo), dispensing drug (ensuring patients receive the correct dose) and site resupply (controls the flow of drug from the manufacturer to the depot to the clinical site).

    About 4G’s Prancer
    Our agile RTSM platform, Prancer, utilizes natural language processing alongside integrated clinical supplies forecasting and management functionality to slash development timelines, increase operational efficiencies and offer exceptional quality. Prancer radically changes the process for building clinical systems, removes the burden of managing hundreds of poorly understood parameters controlling supply forecasting, accelerates study start-up and enhances visibility into your trials for informed decision-making.

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    Nilay Thakkar
    West Region Business Development Lead

    Amy Ripston
    Head of Marketing

    370 Washington Street
    Wellesley, MA 02481

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