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  • Layer3 Security Services
  • IP Video Surveillance Systems. The State of the art IP video surveillance systems provided by Layer3 Security Services® offer many benefits over legacy solutions including the image resolution needed for subject identification, the higher reliability and availability performance of the ‘best of breed’ system elements employed; and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) inherent in the open standards components used in our installations – Return on investment through actionable video and lower TCO, that is the Layer3 Security Services® value proposition.

    Access Control Solutions. When your facility needs call for electronic physical security requirements such as access control and intrusion detection, Layer3 Security Services® is ready to meet your needs because Layer3’s expertise spans all physical security disciplines. Layer3 has partnered with leading companies in the access control field to offer best in class solutions in electronic access, keyless entry and cardkey systems. Layer3 is the smart choice for all your physical security needs. Burglar Alarm and Intrusion Detection System. Layer3 offers burglar alarm systems including two-way wireless, IP network, cellular and dial-up capabilities; its partners in alarm monitoring are UL listed and adhere to the highest service standards. Layer3 is the smart choice for all your physical security needs.

    Monitoring Services. Whether your needs call for remote video hosting, remote real-time video monitoring or sensor monitoring, Layer3 Security Services® provides solutions that are ideally suited to your requirements. Layer3’s Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) partners provide 24/7 remote video access to live and archived video, as well as, real-time video monitoring services manned by experienced operators, which provide actionable information.

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