The Member Perks program is designed for the individual employees of Biocom member companies. We’ve partnered with many of your favorite local San Diego businesses to bring personal and exclusive discount and benefits to our members.

  • Core Power Yoga

  • Corepower Yoga offers power yoga fitness classes. Our classes range in style and heat. We have 12 studios in San Diego, and about 150 nationwide. All locations can be found on our website. You can practice at all of them.

    PERK: Our company partners receive 20% off our black tag memberships, or our 10 class pack. Perks of being a black tag member: 5% off retail, free access to special events, 20% off programs ($500-$600). To redeem your discount, please provide a pay stub to the front desk when checking into class, or email Nicole Hiller.

  • Contact

    Nicole Hiller
    516.818.3609 [email protected]

    All 12 studios in San Diego

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