The Member Perks program is designed for the individual employees of Biocom member companies. We’ve partnered with many of your favorite local San Diego businesses to bring personal and exclusive discount and benefits to our members.

  • Sanguine BioSciences, Inc.

  • Community of 20,000+ patients that have opted-in to participate in clinical trials, and biospecimen collection. Sanguine can recruit patients for your trial or for biospecimen collection. 50% of Sanguine’s community is diagnosed with autoimmune conditions ranging from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Psoriasis.

    PERK: 10% off all patient recruitment and specimen collection services. Use the phrase BIOCOM10 to receive the discount.

  • Contact

    Amanda Leong
    [email protected]

    Los Angeles, Boston, NYC, Chicago, San Diego, San Francisco

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