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  • Kurtz Mechanical
  • Kurtz Mechanical is a Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning Company based out of Miramar San Diego. Owner Jim Kurtz has over 30 years of experience in the design and install of HVAC systems geared toward customers involved in the Biotech industry. The majority of HVAC company’s in the industry right now focus on comfort cooling and providing systems for environments that do not require precise conditions. This is where we differentiate ourselves. The majority of all our work is for providing Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies with exact conditions under critical environments. We understand the strict parameters each one of our customers require and train our service technicians/installers specifically to work under such conditions. Understanding the importance of each individual job is of highest priority for our company. Over our years we have worked on everything from class 100 – 100,000 clean rooms, pre-& post amp rooms, dry rooms, vivarium’s, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, ESD’s, fume hoods, acid exhaust fans, cooling towers, chillers, autoclaves, air handlers, heat pumps, package units, split ductless systems, and much more. Our knowledge and personal experience working on HVAC systems applying to customers operating within the Biotech industry makes us the most qualified HVAC company to handle all your needs.

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    Jim Kurtz
    [email protected]

    Jake Kurtz
    Vice President
    [email protected]

    8580 Production Ave, Suite A
    San Diego, CA 92121

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