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  • Prudential Cleanroom Services
  • For industrial applications, Prudential specializes in providing a rental, lease or purchase program on uniforms and career apparel to include dust control, linen and hygiene products.

    For cleanroom applications, Prudential specializes in cleanroom garment processing services for aseptic, particulate & ESD controlled environments in our facilities that are ISO 9001:2008 certified and validated for sterile processing.

    “The Staff Were Elated To Use the New Gowns
    I wanted to give you an update as to the new re-usable sterile gowns. We began using the gowns yesterday and today. The staff were elated to use the new gowns. Many were smiling. I cannot put my finger on the mood, but they were happy and maybe proud to be in state of the art gowning.

    Thanks for all your efforts.”

    — William Stuart, RPh, President. Hartley Medical
    ZZ Biotech

    “Commitment To Great Customer Service
    We have always been pleased with the service we receive from PCS. However, Our Service Rep’s courteous attitude, expert knowledge, and patience in handling our specific issues were very important to our complete customer satisfaction.”

    — Cephazone Pharma, Llc.

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  • Contact

    Mark Keller
    National Account Executive
    [email protected]

    Vigny Sonzeu
    Cleanroom Account Executive
    [email protected]

    1661 Alton Parkway
    Irvine, CA 92606

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