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  • Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC is proud to provide clients a robust and well-respected practice focusing on industries regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We understand not only FDA law, but also the science of these industries. Our FDA group uses this knowledge to defend our clients’ products with wide-ranging effects. Our group’s strength is predicated on the seamless interaction amongst professionals in our FDA, healthcare, government relations, intellectual property, corporate, and litigation sections. Few firms can match the level of industry, science, and FDA expertise we offer to our clients.

    Buchanan’s FDA group is uniquely qualified to provide a variety of services for the pharmaceutical, medical device, biologic, food, veterinary drug, dietary supplement, and cosmetic industries. Examples of our major focus areas include: new products and market approval; clinical trials; advertising and promotion; drug safety; regulatory compliance and enforcement; compliance program training; policies and procedures; data privacy; government investigations; reimbursement; and drug supply chain security.

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