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  • At HED, great design is about thinking creatively to overcome challenges and improve real world outcomes. Our firm has a long history and reputation for excellence because we believe that all the facets of our design, from architecture, consulting, engineering, and planning, must create a positive impact for our clients, the community, and the world through responsive, innovative, and sustainable design solutions.

    This belief has allowed our firm to succeed and grow in a broad range of markets in eight U.S. offices (Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and Sacramento).

    Our teams have been creating dynamic laboratory environments and innovative technical spaces for clients for decades, defining many of today’s science, research, and medical facility design standards. HED’s designs inspire innovation and collaboration, maximize energy performance, and help our clients succeed in staying on the leading edge of the rapidly-changing life science industry.

    A proud member of Biocom, see how our in-house lab experts can advance your world at www.hed.design.

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    Kandice Lee
    Science & Technology Business Development Manager
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