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  • Company Description: Since 1983, Epson Robots has been a world leader in industrial robotic automation. With a cumulative installed robot base exceeding 150,000 units, Epson provides customers with a diverse lineup of SCARA and 6-Axis robots as well as a suite of integrated automation solutions. Epson Robots are extensively used for a wide array of precision assembly, dispensing, machine tending and material handling applications.

    As a vertically integrated consumer and industrial electronics company, Epson has a unique understanding of manufacturing. Epson designs and manufacturers automation solutions to build Epson products and has therefore faced many of the same manufacturing and logistical challenges as their customers. Thanks to this expertise, Epson has broad first-hand knowledge of both the business reasons to automate as well as the technological know-how required to build successful automation lines. Customers across a wide variety of variety of verticals, including life sciences, count on Epson to deliver automation insight and solutions which help organizations reduce costs, expand production throughput, and maximize quality.

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