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  • Prodigy Scientific was born out of a vision to support pioneering scientific enterprises and ambitious entrepreneurs with aspirations to make profound impacts on human health and environmental sustainability through scientific innovation.

    Through our relationships and conversations with many scientists and founders of companies within the bioscientific sector, it became apparent that there was a real need for high quality technical instrumentation and service at an affordable price. The high cost of analytical equipment coupled with the level of technical training required to operate the instrumentation has long been a major barrier to innovation and scientific discovery. Initially run out of the founder’s garage, Prodigy had its genesis as a small lab equipment refurbishing and instrumentation support services operation in a genuine effort to bridge this gap. To meet the growing demand for high quality hardware and application support services within the analytical chemistry community, Prodigy Scientific has focused on developing a strong team of scientists and biotechnical engineers with unique expertise specific to analytical instrumentation and associated applications.

    At Prodigy Scientific, we strive to keep our pricing competitive while maintaining the highest standards of quality and customer service in order to aide research and industrial labs in reaching their objectives in an efficient and cost effect manner. Based in southern California, we serve customers around the world in a variety of analytical chemistry applications including pharma, life science research, clinical diagnostics, forensics, food testing, toxicology, and environmental testing. Our particular expertise is procurement, repair, and multivendor support of Mass Spectrometry and Liquid Chromatography Instrumentation (LC-MS, LC-MS/MS GC-MS, GC-MS/MS, HPLC, UHPLC, FPLC).

    Our goal is to maximize instrument uptime for our clients which leads to improved performance and superior productivity, while maintaining compliance and achieving significant cost savings. Our experienced personnel provide enhanced services that include maintenance and/or service contracts, repair services, validation services, equipment parts, and a variety of on-site customized training programs. Our professional service engineers have extensive experience with Mass Spectrometer, Liquid Chromatograph, and Gas Chromatograph instrumentation hardware and applications on most leading manufacturers including Thermo, Waters, Agilent, GE Akta, Shimadzu, Varian, Leap Technologies and Sciex platforms.

    In addition to our core instrumentation business, Prodigy Scientific is now offering fully equipped analytical laboratory co-working/incubator spaces for rent. Companies can rent bench space in our facilities and take advantage of low cost access to state of the art equipment as well as in house procurement and tech support services, and access to funding and networking opportunities.

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