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  • Leverage Concierge
  • Leverage Concierge provides innovative corporate concierge services to improve employee engagement, enhance productivity and help companies thrive in a competitive global market. Program options include Virtual and Onsite concierge and errand running representatives, virtual vacation planning, onsite car wash and massage as well as holiday gift wrapping. Call today to learn more.

    A mother of two young children ages 1 and 2, Sondra uses the concierge and errand running services quite often.

    “The errand running service is a huge help. The errand runners usually completes my errands and has been wonderful. She has taken my car for an oil change, purchased diapers, milk and eggs at Costco for the kids, it saves so much time.”

    She also recently used the concierge service to find vacation information, reserve a rental car and find good deals in the area.

    “Our family is traveling to Pennsylvania in Oct. and Leverage Concierge provided hotel info and price comparison. I do not have time to research these things, and it was a huge help.”

    — Genentech Employee

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