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  • AmpersandPeople
  • AmpersandPeople was born from a passion for helping companies implement, scale and iterate their people practices. The ampersand was chosen because of its connective property and the way it links things together and shows a closer collaboration than the word, “and.” Which is exactly how we want to work with you since we know success in business comes from having your people practices as closely aligned with your business practices as possible.

    We appreciate the diversity of style & creative appearance of the ampersand while its purpose remains the same. Our Human Resources & Recruiting support will change to reflect your needs, to represent your authentic corporate culture, work, & values, while our purpose remains the same—to help you take care of your people so you have engaged employees who do great things to build your business.

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    Samantha Schneider
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    Nadia Millikin
    Consulting Director
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