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  • Sci Find
  • Sci Find is a tool that empowers scientists to network, innovate, market, and commercialize their new technologies at an accelerated pace. We help scientific organizations (start-ups, academic labs, private labs, etc.) outsource their internal R&D capabilities by directly connecting them to potential clients. Sci Find uses targeted e-mail marketing to reach out to potential scientists whose work requires a seller’s unique service offerings. We utilize a sophisticated AI to matchmake amazing technologies with the users who will implement them into their workflow. With our proprietary AI, we are able to search across all the scientific knowledge of the web to find clients that are aligned with your skills and services. The complexity of the scientific world is massive, and scoping out the market is an impossible task for a single person to do.

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    Guy Rohkin
    Head of Scientific Business Development
    [email protected]

    Stefani Robnett
    [email protected]

    West Hollywood, CA

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